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Brent's Cool LinKs

stuff links.

>> this page has a compilation of some of my favorite sites... there are probably way better sites i could link but that would just keep you from going to mine. so i did not post those links..HAHAHAHAAHAHA. <<

oh yeah.. you know what this is. GO!!!!

DDR ACTIONS- best ddr source

once i get ps2. this is the first game i'll buy...

GO HERE NOW. IT'S MY AFFILIATE SITE I'M WORKING ON. it has game reviews and mp3s.

This is DJ PRETZEL'S OVERCLOCKED REMIX - it has original game music remixes(mp3 format). and it shows you his little studio with a bunch of expensive keyboards and what not. its good..

This is one of the greatest ANIME GAME SITES out there. its got mp3s movies and a game music winamp station. what else could you possibly ask for. geez. GO NOW!

Do you want to make up some funny japanese names too? well GO HERE!

ANIPIKE is the best source for all anime

ultimate source for nin info and stuff

the best site for nin wallpaper and desktop stuff

Australian Neon Genesis Evangelion - visit now

full game albums

the place for game music mp3

The Official Capcom Site


hey mon. you can't do that! WASUPITU, eddie murphy

friend's page