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People have downloaded BRENT's STUFF

You will need these programs to run or open these files.
WinZip Now


Mr. Hankey Sreensaver - with sound
Exploding Srceensaver - it blows your screen up

MOD and MP3 (cool media player) Stuff

MOD Plug- mod player
StarTrek Next Generation - Remix
Do the BartMan - Simpsons
Star Wars Cantina

RealPlayer Stuff

Marvel Vs. Capcom - Stage Select

Nintendo Stuff

NESTICLE - You need this program to run the games below.

Final Fantasy 1
Final Fantasy 2
Megaman 1
Megaman 2
Megaman 3
Megaman 4
Megaman 5
Megaman 6
Zelda 2

Virtual Gameboy- you need this to run the games below
Pokemon Pikachu Version- Can't read(japanese)


DEAD Barney- Animation of a Barney FATALITY (violent)
EVIL Barney
BURNING hansons
Marvel Vs. Capcom picture

WAV. Files

Tommy Boy - David Spade talking about seatbelts
Tommy Boy - Chris Farley babbling
Tommy Boy - "Luke I am your father"

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